Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Math Made Easy Approach to Tutoring

Your Choice of Technology:

Math Made Easy uses a unique math software package to tutor point-to-point. Whiteboard
technology and our complimentary headsets allows our students to communicate in
writing, orally and visually with our tutors. Webcams at our tutoring site enable the
student to view the tutor. Students have the choice of using a webcam to enable the tutor
to see the student and/or diagrams in print. Math help is available at the student’s choice
when the student wants it.

Your Choice of Time:

Schedule your algebra, arithmetic, calculus, statistics, geometry and trigonometry
tutoring session online using our virtual scheduling system at any time. View all tutoring
sessions available through our web site and make your appointment in seconds at any
time, day or night.
Your Choice of Tutor:

Math Made Easy tutors are experienced with students of all ages, ability levels and
subjects. We have worked successfully with learning disabled, math phobic and autistic
individuals. Every effort is made to keep the student with the same tutor to build a
personal relationship conducive to success in study. Students have the option at any time
to change tutors to try a different approach. Our math help is personalized and never
scripted as in larger group-oriented tutoring concerns. We work person-to-person towar
achieving your goal in mathematical competency.

Our tutors honor your request to contact classroom teachers to ensure congruence of
methods and to maintain communications between tutor and classroom teacher. Parents
receive frequent progress reports verbally in order to give them the ability to work
appropriately with the student to reinforce tutoring session material. We provide a vital
link between teacher, parent and student.

Your Choice of Program:

We offer a variety of packages to suit the needs of most students seeking math help.
Whether your math tutoring needs are long-term or short-term, for remediation or
enrichment, homework-oriented or course-oriented, Math Made Easy has an affordable
tutoring program for you.


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