Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Learning Disabilities and the Math Student

Many of our students who use our math software and tutoring approach us tentatively by saying after the first or second session
with us that they have been diagnosed with a specific learning disability. Some of
them express this to us in a matter-of-fact way and others tell us that -because of their
diagnosis, usually by a physician or a psychologist – they expect us to use tried and true
methods to “reach” them in their disabled state.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Student Becomes Gifted in Math After Working with Our Tutors and Products!

Christina Moan is a student who has been using Math Made Easy's math software and online tutoring. Her mother recently contacted Math Made Easy to let us know that because of her testing on the math section of her standardized test Chrstina has been selected to attend a school for the intellectually gifted in Montreal next year. She started out using tutoring with Math Made Easy because of low math grades just a few months ago.  

We are very proud of her!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Adult Student Returning to School and the Math Hurdle

 More adults than ever before are returning to formal education. Some want to learn what
they have failed to learn in high school. Some have made the momentous decision to
earn a high school diploma or to go to college for the first – or second or third – time.
And some, particularly those in mid-life, want additional education in order to recharge a
stalled career or start and entirely new one.

The growth of adult literacy programs, whether it be  community-based, math software, or other online mediums, has made it
even more possible than ever for adults who want to learn to do so in the comfort of their
own homes and communities. The decision to return to an educational environment
brings with it expectations and fears, both real and imagined.

One of the more prevalent fears is math phobia.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Math Made Easy Approach to Tutoring

Your Choice of Technology:

Math Made Easy uses a unique math software package to tutor point-to-point. Whiteboard
technology and our complimentary headsets allows our students to communicate in
writing, orally and visually with our tutors. Webcams at our tutoring site enable the
student to view the tutor. Students have the choice of using a webcam to enable the tutor
to see the student and/or diagrams in print. Math help is available at the student’s choice
when the student wants it.

Your Choice of Time:

Schedule your algebra, arithmetic, calculus, statistics, geometry and trigonometry
tutoring session online using our virtual scheduling system at any time. View all tutoring
sessions available through our web site and make your appointment in seconds at any
time, day or night.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011



 Here are a few practical pointers for getting teachers to listen and respond to your requests:

· Always use emotionally neutral language. Avoid words like “should,” “must,” and anything threatening.
· Let the words speak for themselves.
· Ask specific questions which may be answered in a few words.
· E-mail is faster, easier and more readily accessible than paper notes.
· Specify your preferred method of verbal communication. If you need a phone call, ask the teacher to call you at a time when you know you will be able to take the call without having the teacher leave a message Be sure to include your telephone number in the message.

·  Avoid leaving telephone messages at a school. School offices are often manned by student monitors and messages may not reach the teacher's mailbox.
·  Don't use confrontational language or threats. That approach may not only be counterproductive but it may also be illegal.
·  Remember that your communication skills reflect on and ultimately influence your child's method of communication.
·  If you’ve tried to contact a teacher and received no response after the second attempt, try calling a guidance counselor and explaining why you need to speak with the teacher. Counselors are more accustomed to working with parents and may be able to pass your message along.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011



Parents often find it alarmingly difficult to make contact with teachers. Many are amazed to
discover that telephone messages they leave at the school go unanswered, and often assume (not unreasonably!) that the teacher is simply ignoring their requests. Not surprisingly, parental anger at this state of affairs tends to grow by the day.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Formulas, Felines and Flash Cards


When I was in school, one of my favorite professors, after rattling off a long and complex formula, looked at the blank faces in front of him and said, “Well, if you can't remember how we got the formula, just write it on a piece of paper and pin it on your cat so you'll see it every time the cat goes by.” (Or you can just look it up in our math software programs)