Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Preparing for College Standardized Testing

Welcome to the wonderful world of standardized college testing! Fasten your seatbelt!
You have entered a world of fast-flying acronyms, subtle distinctions, scoring rules that
would boggle the mind of any sports statistics historian, and would require a math software program to keep track of it all!
 It seems that confusion reigns supreme in this specialized world which
resembles nothing you have ever seen before.

SAT coaching is often done in large groups. Individual preparation is costly and hard to
find. Test deadlines loom at the busiest time in a student’s career. Quality SAT test help
is deferred to the last minute or difficult to schedule with programs already in place.

Is personalized SAT test tutoring hard to find? Not at Math Made Easy! We assign you
a personal tutor who is familiar with your needs in the verbal and quantitative sections of
the SAT exam. We work with you form start to finish at your convenience in your home
at your computer without your having to expend travel time or welcome someone into
your home.

Our virtual tutoring service allows you to see your SAT test tutor on camera and
hear your tutor on the phone as you write to each other using our special whiteboard
technology. No more crowded classrooms with review of materials you already know.

With Math Made Easy’s SAT test help you progress at your own speed and you work on
what you need.

Don’t follow the herd to be heard! Try a demo today by contacting us at 
info@mmtsusa.com or 1-800-USA-MATH.

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