Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Applied Geometry

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Geometry weaves a tangled web. Math Made Easy has the solution to help the geometry student navigate it and succeed in geometry.

Our unique web-based whiteboard tutoring math software is ideally suited to teaching and learning geometry. Student and teacher are both able to write, draw and color in the whiteboard, making it possible to get help in geometry in living color in real time. Labeling angles, lines and drawing diagrams to scale is simply a matter of clicking and dragging.

While classroom teachers may help geometry students to understand graphics on the chalkboard, receptive visual learning is not effective for everyone. Our whiteboard enables your student to draw the diagrams and thereby become an active participant in his/her learning. Students learn that much more effectively when they experience being part of the teaching/learning process rather than act as passive non-participants.

Geometry is the precursor to study of trigonometry and calculus and its mastery is essential to the success of the student in a long term course of developmental study. Students who can speak, see, hear and write at the same time do better overall in this extremely practical course of study. Our approach to teaching using all senses with a highly qualified tutor is highly effective, creative and – above all – enjoyable for the student.

Geometry jitters? Help is on the way with Math Made Easy. Check out the Geometry page

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